Immerse yourself in nature: cycling through the Sierra de Bernia desert


Welcome to the magnificent Sierra de Bernia! The Sierra de Bernia is a unique area for cycling. Home to many cycling routes that offer breathtaking views and exciting challenges

Located in the Alicante region, the Sierra de Bernia is an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts looking for a memorable experience where adventure and natural beauty blend together to create an unforgettable adventure.

The attraction of cycling in Sierra Bernia

Cycling through the Sierra de Bernia offers unparalleled scenery. With its stunning mountain landscapes and valleys, it offers a diverse terrain that is perfect for both experienced cyclists and beginners

Its trails wind through pine forests, past ancient fortresses providing panoramic views of the Mediterranean coastline. Every ride leads to a new surprise, whether it's a picturesque Spanish village or an impressive rock formation.

The Sierra de Bernia mountain range is perfect for cycling. It will offer you an experience that you can't miss. 

Here, each route has its own charm and challenge, whether it's a steep climb that tests your endurance or a vertiginous descent that will give you an adrenaline rush. But beyond the physical challenges, cycling in the Sierra de Bernia is an opportunity to connect with nature.

Why is cycling through the Sierra de Bernia so attractive? Let's start with the natural environment itself. The Sierra de Bernia is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Spain, where the mountain meets the sea

A place where you can cycle along mountain trails overlooking the shimmering blue of the Mediterranean, passing through pine forests and olive groves. We encourage you to visit this amazing place.


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How to prepare for your cycling adventure in the Sierra de Bernia

Preparation is key to fully enjoy your cycling adventure in the Sierra de Bernia.  

First of all, we recommend that you decide what type of experience you are looking for, do you want a relaxed ride through the forests, or do you prefer a more demanding challenge through the steep mountain slopes?

Once you have decided what kind of adventure you want, it is time to plan your route

The Sierra de Bernia has many cycling routes, each with its own level of difficulty and duration. We suggest that you investigate the different routes available and choose one that suits your level of ability and endurance.

The Tour, cycling in the Sierra de Bernia

As you know, climbing the Sierra de Bernia is one of the most important points that determine who wins the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana. The new asphalt has given a boost to this mountain road, which is well known by cyclists, making it a very interesting cycling route.

During the fourth leg of the 71st edition of the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana, the climb to the Sierra de Bernia has become one of the most important points of interest in the competition.

The steepness of the slopes determines the history of the winners of the event. 

Despite its short length, the route is probably one of the most demanding cycling climbs in the province of Alicante, competing only with Xorret de Catí and the ascent to Rates if we count the way up to the antennas located at the very top.

Climbing the Sierra de Bernia takes about 5 km and a cumulative elevation of 600 meters, which translates into an average gradient of 12%. This number can be misleading, as the first one and a half kilometers are significantly easier compared to the final section. 

We recommend splitting the route into two parts. The first section, although it includes some steep slopes between the houses of urbanization Partida Riquet, is relatively easy to manage thanks to the flat areas in between

However, the last 3.5 km, after reaching the last chalet and starting the mountain track, becomes a real challenge with constant gradients reaching approximately 15%.

There is just a short break halfway, where the gradient decreases to 10%, allowing us to take a quick breather during this climb that offers wonderful views of Altea and Benidorm, as well as its urban development.

We recommend you to discover the best cycling routes in Altea.

In the last kilometer, where the ride becomes more demanding, the pavement becomes concrete, making the finish a little more uncomfortable. Finally, we reach a parking lot which is used to set up the finishing infrastructure for the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana.

From there the view is breathtaking and allows us to prepare for the next challenge: the way down. 

Our advice is to start the way down with extreme caution. Rest your arms and allow your wheels to cool down, especially if you are using a carbon model, or disc brakes.


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Unique Experiences: Panoramic Views in the Sierra de Bernia

Each cycling route in the Sierra de Bernia offers its own unique experience, but some stand out for their beauty and challenge. One of these is the route that leads to the top of the mountain, where panoramic views of the Mediterranean coast and the interior of the Alicante region wait for you.

With a medium level of difficulty, 37 km of length and a total elevation of 881 meters, the route from Cases de Bernia will allow you to face a maximum slope of 13.85% while enjoying incredible scenery.

To begin the route, we start from Jalón, going up towards the "home mountain" of Jalón, that is to say, Mount Bernia. 

When you reach the top, you leave the main route and continue cycling as far as you can until you reach the end of the asphalt road. You then return to the main route and begin the (initially steep) way down through Pinos and try to avoid the main Benissa - Jalón road as much as possible.  

The way back by bike is through the easier roads, passing through Senija and Lliber.

Other outdoor activities in the Bernia Mountains

In addition to cycling, the Sierra de Bernia offers a variety of other outdoor activities. You can explore the old fortresses that dot the mountain, or enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the many lookout points. 

You can also opt for a hike along some of the mountain trails, or even try to climb some of the more challenging rock formations.

Accommodations for bikers in the Sierra de Bernia

For those wishing to continue their cycling adventure, Sierra de Bernia has a wide variety of accommodations available that welcome cyclists. 

From hotels with bike storage facilities to cottages nestled into the mountainside, there are options available for all tastes and budgets. Take a look at the options available and enjoy a truly unique cycling experience.

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The Sierra de Bernia will give you an unforgettable cycling experience in Spain that combines sport, nature and culture in a single adventure, so get on your bike and enjoy the ride!