5 MTB routes to experience in the Valencian Community

The Valencian Community is one of the great MTB paradises in Spain.

Its large number of Natural Parks, the increase in Greenway kilometers in the region, the fact of owning routes steeped in history as Camino del Cid, the Eurovelo 8 route itself, the imposing orography that it houses... There are almost infinite reasons that lead us to recognize that the Valencian Community is a favorable spot to enjoy MTB.

So, to encourage you to experience an MTB adventure through the Valencian Community, here are five routes that will leave a good taste in your mouth.


Altea - Bernia

Distance: 19.73 Km | Slope: 727 m | Difficulty: Moderate

Although it is not an excessively long route, this route from Altea to Bernia has the particular appeal of the climb to Bernia, one of the most hellish climbs in the entire Valencian Community. Specifically, we are facing 20 km with a cumulative slope of 727 m.

Of these 727 m, almost all the altitude difference is produced by a dreaded but addictive climb to Bernia, where in just over 5 km we accumulate a slope of 614 m. Double-digit ramps around 15-16% and an average of almost 12%.

It's a regular climb on the iconic Five Continents Race Costa Blanca, a MTB stage challenge that takes place on the Costa Blanca.

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Altea - Serra Gelada

Distance: 21.99 Km | Slope: 614 m | Difficulty: Moderate

Also, leaving from Altea we have another outstanding coastal route with a climb as a major attraction. Specifically, we are talking about Serra Gelada, which has breathtaking slopes and has been christened the hardest kilometer in Europe. The ascent is spectacular, as we gradually see the coast getting smaller and smaller, but only as long as we can breathe, cycle and enjoy the views at the same time. 

The road to Serra Gelada is narrow and crowded with walkers, so be careful. In total, about 22 km of route with a drop of 614 m that you will enjoy as much or even more than the climb to Bernia.

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Calpe - Sierra de Oltà 

Distance: 20,66 Km | Slope: 553 m | Difficulty: Easy

We reach Calpe on a much more accessible MTB route. Here, although we will have to face some slopes on our way through the Sierra de Oltà, we will not suffer the hellish ramps of Bernia or Serra Gelada

Just over 20 km with a positive slope of 553 m along well-maintained tracks and trails which may also be suitable for Gravel biking. A very pleasant route and highly recommended for the whole family.

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El campello - Monnegre - Embalse de Tibi

Distance 50.55 | Slope: 908 m | Difficulty: Moderate

We leave Calpe for the next route starting on the coast, in this case in Calpe, to enjoy another MTB route through the Valencian Community. In this case, the charm is twofold: first along a route that includes sections close to the Monnegre river, and as a reward it takes us to the Embalse de Tibi (reservoir).

The route is quite changeable, with sections that are generally comfortable (with asphalt in good condition) and others that require some technical skill due to the narrowness of the road. The ascent to the highest point of the route is quite gradual, and the last 20 kilometers are a steady descent.

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Castellón - Desierto de las Palmas - Castellón

Distance: 74.69 Km | Slope: 1089 m | Difficulty: Moderate

We end our selection of routes with the one that takes us to the desert of Las Palmas, a name that can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the area. Rather than a desert, we should speak of a mountainous area with abundant vegetation. Its meaning comes from the meaning used by the Carmelites, who consider deserts as peaceful environments of spiritual retreat.

Having clarified this point, it should be mentioned that this route is of considerable length, although most of the route has almost no slope until kilometer 50. Leaving Castellón, we will pass through areas such as Borriol, La Pobla de Tornesa, Oropesa and Benicassim, where we will join some of the Greenway routes (Vía Verde).

It is at this point where we will enter the Desierto de las Palmas, from where we can enjoy another of the countless viewpoints with sea views that the Valencian Community owns.

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