Rural hotels in Spain

Rural tourism has been gaining followers in recent years and its benefits are becoming more evident.

More and more people are looking for places far from the city to enjoy their days off.

It is clear that now tranquility, silence, nature and some peace are preferred to give truce to the accelerated pace that we carry today.

Rural tourism is booming and the rural hotels in Spain have become an excellent option to disconnect, escape from routine and relax in the middle of nature where you can enjoy the wonders of the environment and the local gastronomy.


For us it is a priority to help our clients feel good, at home.

One of the best moments of the day is the end of the stage, when travelers arrive at their seasonal home, their rural hotel.

We understand that, during your vacation, after an unforgettable but exhausting day, you want to arrive at your rural hotel wanting to enjoy the same comforts you have in your own home. We would say that you even want to enjoy a greater luxury!

We have detailed knowledge of the local environment, and have therefore carefully chosen the highest quality rural hotels available in the areas where our tours and excursions take place.

All of them offer a high level of comfort and services to our customers.

Most of the best rural hotels in Spain are found in small towns and places that are of special interest due to their location.

In addition, all of them have comfortable common areas where you can read, have a coffee or simply relax. Most of them have terraces where you can rest outdoors.

Being able to enjoy an excellent breakfast specially designed for hungry cyclists, try the menus made up of the best and most delicious local products... These are some of the luxuries that our clients seek!

Of course, the rural hotels in Spain that we recommend have a place designed to safely store bicycles. So you can continue your trip without having to worry about your bike.

rural hotels in spain


We want you to know other advantages of rural hotels in Spain:

  • Budgets are better adapted to all types of pockets. Nature lovers with a more limited budget can find numerous offers for their vacations.

  • For children, it is highly recommended to stay in rural hotels. They will be in contact with nature and it will help them to experience it in a different way. Direct contact with animals and seeing how they live in environments outside the city gives them a more ecological and sustainable perspective.

  • It is a clear opportunity to disconnect from the hectic day to day or to escape the routine. Through these havens of peace and tranquility you will enjoy your rest in another way.

  • For the towns you visit, it is an important economic boost. Jobs are created thanks to the opening or restoration of hotels and rural houses, restaurants, etc.

  • The traveler can get hold of exclusive items made by farmers, beekeepers, etc. Like honey, meat, clothing, ceramics... any artisan product stimulates local commerce and local businesses.

  • Thanks to rural tourism and our recommended rural hotels in Spain, the restoration and rehabilitation of old houses, and stately homes or stately buildings that have been converted into fantastic rural hotels have been carried out.

  • The treatment you generally receive from the owners of rural hotels is closer than in large hotels. In addition, they always provide information on traditions, typical activities in the area, shops where you can buy local products, etc.

  • Saying rural hotel may sound old. Nothing could be further from the truth since many of the best rural hotels in Spain offer free internet connection in their facilities, good dinners and good wine, swimming pools and jacuzzis, gyms, etc.

  • Being in the center of nature, close to rivers and mountains helps to practice all kinds of sports that would be quite impossible to enjoy in the city. Bicycling in the surroundings and doing longer stages in the area is a real pleasure to be able to enjoy nature and its surroundings.

best rural hotels in spain

We hope that all these advantages of the rural hotels in Spain have encouraged you to take a trip to a rural area and enjoy a natural environment.

Remember that at Lazypedals we can offer you the best rural accommodation in wonderful settings in Spain. Enjoy us now!