Cycling holidays in Spain

¿Did you know that bicycle is undoubtedly the transport that most harmonizes people with nature?

In Lazypedals we firmly believe in this statement and that is one of the reasons that drives us to organize new trip experiences for you to enjoy this amazing cycle holidays in Spain.

Cycling in Spain will allow you to live an unforgettable adventure at the stroke of a pedal which will change the way you see people, the places they live in and the landscapes that surround them.

This is the beginning of your cycling holidays in Spain, ¿are you ready to experience this wonderful country?

cycling holidays spain


Cycling around Spain allows you to enjoy the landscape that surrounds us with great intensity and with the minimum impact on the environment.

¿Did you know that bicycle and cycling are symbols of freedom and increases our connection with the nature?

Also, these experiences are a very nice opportunity to enjoy a family cycling holidays in Spain or to become part of our cycling squad.

Take a look at the following features that includes our organized road cycling holidays in Spain:

  • Carefully selected hotels and cycle paths in Spain.

  • High-quality, well-maintained, fully-equipped bikes for cycling across Spain.

  • Best cycling routes in Spain designed by local experts.

  • Roads carefully selected for carrying very little traffic or none at all.

  • Culture, gastronomy and a great variety of landscapes.

  • Charming, picturesque towns, villages, castles, monasteries and much more.

  • Other surprises to enhance your pleasure throughout the road cycling holidays in Spain and to help create great memories.

  • Self-guided best cycling routes in Spain. Live the experience at your pace, in your way and rejoice in it!

  • Experience the “real” Spain.

cycling in spain


In Lazypedals we provide comfortable, safety and easy cycling holidays in Spain, so that you can have an unforgettable new and different adventure surrounded by great memories.

As we mentioned before, we carefully select the best cycling destinations in Spain.

Why is it so important for us? Our mission is to design routes that will allow you to explore exciting traditions, landscapes, gastronomy, cultures, people and also have knowledge of the history of the country and places we are visiting.

Our team, professionals with a large experience and knowledge of the country, will take care of all your needs during the cycling holidays in Spain, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

In addition, we are in charge of organizing all the information in relation to cycling in Spain: from designing the itineraries to booking the accommodation (hotels), transferring people’s luggage, providing assistance when needed, etc.

We are here to get everything ready for your special and unique new adventure!

Are you ready to feel and live the experience of cycling around Spain?

¡Come and join our squad!

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