6 best cycling mountains in Alicante

Alicante is considered the jewel of the Costa Blanca. This region stands out for its golden sandy beaches, but also for its beautiful landscapes, which offer many opportunities to enjoy cycling in the mountains.

If you are a fan of this type of adventure, we encourage you to visit some of the best cycling climbs in Alicante so you can experience all its beauty on two wheels.

Best mountain cycling routes in Alicante: 6 different adventures

Alicante has become a paradise for lovers of MTB routes, thanks to its diverse topography, with impressive cliffs, hills and winding trails. There are many options that this region offers, and here we show you 6 examples of them.

Route of the Sierra de Aitana

This route has a high difficulty, with an approximate duration of 4 hours and about 35 kilometers of road. So, it is ideal for more experienced and adventurous cyclists.

The start of this route is the village of Confrides, at the bottom of the Sierra de Aitana. From this point you will go into a spectacular mountain scenery, advancing to the Guadalest reservoir. There you can take a short break, to continue your way through forests full of pines and oaks.

You will complete your journey at the top of the mountain range, where you will have a panoramic view of the nearby prairies and the Mediterranean waters. After this, you can descend along its steep routes, concluding at the same starting point.

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Circular route of Agost

Another of the best examples of cycling in the mountains of Alicante is the circular route of Agost.

It is a route of moderate difficulty, with 50 kilometers and an approximate duration of 4 hours. The route starts at the Agost halt, where you can park your car if that is how you have arrived at this point.

From here, the Vía Verde runs parallel to the active railroad line. A few meters from the start you will have to face a short, but intense descent, which may have some difficulty for the more inexperienced cyclists.

Then you will ride through agricultural land with olive trees, vineyards and other fields. Then you will reach the town of Agost, the only one you will find on the route, which allows you to enjoy the tradition of the potteries.

Returning to the Vía Verde through a newly built bridge, you will be able to cross over the Novelda road to Agost. From there, through straight lines that run between the fields and orchards, you will be able to contemplate from above the Derramador watercourse.

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El Campello - Torres de la Huerta route

Cycling in Alicante is an adventure, and an example of that is the following mountain bike route that we would like to invite you to experience. This is the route that traces the road from El Campello to Torres de la Huerta. It is an itinerary of about 4 hours, with a distance of 31 kilometers, of moderate difficulty and a difference in altitude of 482 meters.

This exciting ride is a perfect combination of nature, history and the cycling challenges that are a passion for lovers of this sport.

The adventure begins in the picturesque town of El Campello, located on the shores of the Mediterranean. Cycling along its boardwalk, you will ride through the heart of this town, and then away from it to start the climb to the Sierra de la Huerta.

This part of the route has certain challenges with its ascents and descents through trails surrounded by vegetation. However, the panoramic views you get as you reach higher altitudes are well worth it. Along this path, you will reach the Torres de la Huerta, to immerse yourself in the history of these ancient defensive fortresses against pirate attacks.

After enjoying spectacular views, you can start the descent back to El Campello, alternating sections with some difficulty with others that are easier and more relaxed.

Route Sierra del Maigmó

Mountain cycling in Alicante has another protagonist that can not be missed in this list of routes: the Sierra del Maigmó. This itinerary covers a distance of about 20 kilometers, in a duration of approximately 3 hours and a drop of about 500 meters.

The adventure, of moderate to high difficulty, starts in the village of Tibi, located in the lower slopes of the mountain range. From there you will begin the challenging ascent to the top of the mountain range, starting with a few kilometers of winding roads.

On the way up you will pass the Sanctuary of Santa Maria de Tibi, which dates back to the 17th century. Once at the top, you will be greeted by the impressive landscapes of the Sierra del Maigmó, composed of lush forests that contrast with the blue Mediterranean.

The descent to the same starting point involves mastering the technique very well because of its complexity, with fast and sharp turns.

Calpe - Peñón de Ifach Route

The approximate duration of this route, which is about 20 kilometers, is almost 4 hours. With an elevation gain of about 300 meters, its difficulty is moderate to high, due to the challenging climb to the Peñón de Ifach. Nevertheless, the beauty of this route that belongs to the Costa Blanca invites you to take the adventure.

The trail begins in the heart of Calpe, along its boardwalk. It continues with the climb to the impressive Peñon de Ifach, a route that will test your physical condition. Upon reaching the Peñón, you will be immersed in the beauty of the Peñón de Ifach Natural Park, home to a unique flora and fauna.

Continuing your way up, you will arrive at the top of the rock, completing this journey with a short rest while enjoying the views. Also, if on the way back you decide to spend the night at the starting point of this route, you should know that there are many hotels for cyclists in Calpe, ideal for you to recharge your batteries.

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La Ombría de Benicadell circular route, starting from Muro de Alcoy

The next mountain biking route in Alicante is the circular route of La Ombría de Benicadell, starting from Muro de Alcoy.

It is a route that is recommended for more experienced cyclists, as it has a medium to high difficulty, due to the complex ascent to the Sierra de Benicadell.

The duration of this route is about 4 hours, with almost 30 kilometers. The starting point is Muro de Alcoy, a picturesque town, located in the region of l'Alcoià. From there you start your way up to the Sierra de Benicadell.

The path will take you through the trails of La Ombría De Benicadell. This area of the mountain range is characterized by abundant vegetation that provides very refreshing shady areas.

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Along the way you will find several viewpoints, strategically located. From there you will be able to observe the surrounding landscape, including Muro de Alcoy from a high altitude. After viewing this town from above, you will be able to go down to the same place, enjoying the speed.

Any of the mentioned routes can become a unique and complete experience for friends who like cycling in the mountains and want to know the beauty and diversity of Alicante's landscapes. Spending your cycling vacations in Spain will be a real adventure!