Discovering the natural beauty through the cycling routes of El Campello

El Campello, located in the beautiful province of Alicante in Spain, is a hidden treasure for cycling and nature lovers. This charming coastal destination offers golden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, but also the possibility to discover its stunning natural beauty through multiple cycling routes.

Would you like to know some of these routes? In this post we will show you some cycling routes around El Campello.

5 cycling routes around El Campello

The cycling routes around El Campello that we will show you can be the perfect scenario to get to know this area of Alicante by bike. An adventure in which you will combine physical exercise and the enjoyment of nature.

1. El Campello - Amadorio Reservoir

This route must be done by mountain bike, starting from El Campello to reach the Amadorio Reservoir. It consists of a 45-kilometer route, with a difference in altitude of 814 meters. It is considered a route of medium difficulty, with varied terrain and some sections much more challenging than others.

Before starting the route in El Campello, you can enjoy the coast and the boardwalk calmly, and then head inland. On your way, we invite you to stop in Aguas de Busot and explore the old town. After this and once you reach the reservoir, you can enjoy the tranquility of it and its surrounding nature.

2. El Campello - Maigmó Greenway

One of the best cycling routes in El Campello for nature lovers, good views and tranquility is the MTB cycling route that leads to the Maigmó Greenway.

This route has a distance of 83 kilometers, a difference in altitude of 1,158 meters and is classified as very difficult, so it is suitable for more experienced cyclists. In fact, it is a route that becomes much more technical when returning to the starting point.

However, it is well worth it when you reach the Maigmó Greenway and take a well-deserved rest after the challenging ascent. This greenway that will take you through tunnels and viaducts is a unique journey.

3. El Campello - Aigües - Benidorm - El Campello

If you have a road bike, another route you can do is the circular route that starts in El Campello, continues to Aguas de Busot (Aigües), reaches the Amadoiro reservoir and continues the road to Orxeta. From there you can enjoy the route by road at your pace and ascend to Finestrat.

From Finestrat you can ride along the back of Sierra Cortina, follow the cycling route through Benidorm and take some time to do some sightseeing in the old town. Then, you can continue along the bike path towards Villajoyosa and after passing El Paraíso you will head towards El Campello again.

In total, about 73 kilometers of route, 962 meters difference in altitude and medium difficulty.

4. El Campello - Relleu - Caves of Canelobre

This route, almost circular, is about 85 kilometers long and has a difference in altitude of 1,818 meters, being one of the most complex cycling routes in El Campello.

Starting from El Campello with your road bike, you will make a route through which you will ascend to Relleu. Relleu is a picturesque village in the province of Alicante, which is surrounded by mountains and stunning natural landscapes. From there you will advance to the Cuevas del Canelobre.

These caves are located in the municipality of Busot, 4.7 kilometers from its urban center. After enjoying them, you can head back to the starting point.

5. El Campello - Monnegre - Tibi Reservoir

This is one of the shortest cycling routes in El Campello (about 50.52 kilometers), but somewhat difficult for beginners. It has an incline of 899 meters.

You will start the journey with your mountain bike in El Campello, leaving behind the beaches and its busy streets. With a gradual ascent you will enter a more mountainous landscape through sections near the Monnegre riverbed. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of this area and explore the local biodiversity.

The trail will continue to the Tibi Reservoir, one of the oldest hydraulic works of retention and distribution in Europe. It is built on the Monnegre River, between the hills of La Cresta and Mos del Bou.

From this point you will begin the return to the starting point, El Campello.



Tips for cycling routes from El Campello

Cycling tour routes from El Campello can be an exciting and rewarding experience. If you want to get the most out of your two-wheeled adventures in this region, take note of these basic tips:

  • Plan your route. As there are several possibilities, it is best to research and plan your chosen route in advance. Use cycling apps, local maps and other online resources for detailed information.
  • Appropriate bike. There are road routes and other mountain routes. Choose the right bike for each case and make sure it is in good condition.
  • Physical preparation. There are routes of different difficulties, but the ideal is to do a previous physical training so that your body adapts to the demands of cyclotourism.
  • Supplies and equipment. Be sure to bring the right clothes, safety equipment, water, sunscreen, sunglasses, energy snacks…
  • Check the weather. Check the weather forecast before starting your cycling tours in El Campello, in case you have to make adaptations to your equipment.

If you are planning your trip to this town in Alicante, we at Lazypedals can help you to organize your cycling vacations.

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And always remember to respect the natural environment and legal regulations, keeping the roads in good condition.