Explore the best cycling routes in Benidorm with our guide


If you haven't explored cycling routes in Benidorm yet, we invite you to join this fantastic proposal for a fabulous journey. We promise it will be an unforgettable experience!

With its diverse terrain, temperate climate all year round, and a network of interesting roads and trails, Benidorm cycling tours offer a unique experience for cyclists of all abilities and levels of experience to enjoy the best cycling routes in Benidorm.

The best part of cycling in Benidorm is that it comes with numerous advantages. Cycling routes in Benidorm are not only exciting but also great for staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. The varied terrain of Benidorm provides an excellent opportunity for a complete cardiovascular workout, while the sunny weather allows you to hit the road almost every day of the year.

Moreover, cycling in Benidorm is a wonderful way to explore the natural beauty of the area. From stunning sea views to serene mountains, the cycling routes in Benidorm will take you through some of Spain's most impressive landscapes.

Last but not least, the cycling community in Benidorm is active and welcoming, and you are sure to be invited to become a part of it. You can join a local cycling group or participate in one of the many cycling events and routes in Benidorm. You'll undoubtedly make new friends and create unforgettable memories!

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Cycling Routes in Benidorm - Which One to Choose?

As the capital of tourism in Alicante, Benidorm offers options for all tastes and abilities. In Benidorm you’ll find quiet and scenic cycling routes as well as challenging and exciting ones. There’s something for everyone!

Among all the cycling routes in Benidorm, the route through the Sierra Helada Natural Park is an excellent choice for a leisurely ride while enjoying a dreamlike setting. This route takes you through beautiful natural landscapes and offers stunning views of the sea.

For more adventurous cyclists, the Sierra de Aitana route is an exciting option. It will take you through mountainous terrain and offer panoramic views that will leave you breathless.

You can also choose urban cycling routes in Benidorm, allowing you to explore the city and its surroundings. Whether you opt for the city center route or the coastal route, you'll enjoy the views and corners of this vibrant city.

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Best Cycling Routes in Benidorm

If you're looking for tips and recommendations on cycling routes in Benidorm, we have a lot to offer. We've compiled a list of the best cycling routes in Benidorm, sharing information about distance, difficulty level, and highlights of each route. You'll also find useful advice on planning your cycling journey and what to expect along the way.

Among the must-try routes in Benidorm are the ones through the Sierra Helada Natural Park, the Sierra de Aitana, and the various routes from the city to coastal towns. Each of these routes offers a unique and exciting experience, making it difficult to choose just one favorite.

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Sierra Gelada Natural Park Route

The Sierra Gelada Natural Park is home to one of Benidorm's most scenic cycling routes. The route is designed to provide a unique blend of physical challenge and visual delight. As you ride through the rugged terrain, you will enjoy panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and majestic mountain ranges.

The route through the Sierra Gelada Natural Park starts from the city of Benidorm, winds through pine forests, and ascends to the top of the mountain range, running along the cliff's edge. It is well-marked and suitable for cyclists of all levels.

However, it's essential to note that some sections of the route can be quite steep and demanding, requiring a good level of fitness and certain cycling skills.

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Sierra de Aitana Route

Cycling in Benidorm, especially in the Sierra de Aitana, is a delight for both amateur and professional cyclists due to the picturesque landscapes and the range of challenges it offers.

The Aitana route is one of the most demanding and spectacular cycling routes in Benidorm. The ascent to the top of Aitana is a true challenge, with steep climbs and tight curves that test the cyclist's skill.

The Sierra de Aitana has a well-marked trail to follow, which makes it easy for us  to enjoy the cycling path.

Benidorm-Tudons-Confrides-Benidorm Circular Route

The circular route we propose is short but intense. With 80 km of distance and an accumulated elevation gain of 2,152 m, the route from Benidorm to Finestrat shows us that we shouldn't underestimate a short journey.

However, the following sections are lighter "up and down" hills that allow you to enjoy the breathtaking natural landscapes and the peaceful atmosphere of cycling in Benidorm.


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Benidorm - Castell de Guadalest - Benidorm Route

If you have limited time or have been cycling different routes in Benidorm for several days, the circular route to Castell de Guadalest is perfect for giving your legs a rest.

Maintaining a moderate pace, during its almost 57 km, you can appreciate the impressive scenery hidden in the heart of the Guadalest Valley.

The Benidorm-Castell de Guadalest route reaches a maximum altitude of 686 meters with hardly any notable slopes.

In the Rambla del Río Guadalest, there is a museum of vintage motorcycles and cars that you can visit for only 3 euros.

So, if you've planned a very relaxed day of cycling in Benidorm, take a break to visit it before having a drink in the bars of Guadalest and munching on some artisanal nuts. They are ideal for recharging your energy!

Benidorm, the Paradise of Pedals

With its diverse terrain, temperate climate all year round, and a well-developed road network, cycling in Benidorm offers a unique experience for cyclists of all abilities and experience levels.

If you haven't explored the cycling routes in Benidorm yet, we invite you to do so. It will be an unforgettable experience! Benidorm is a paradise for all pedal enthusiasts.

At Lazypedals, we work with various service providers to offer you the best recommendations for cycling through responsible and sustainable tourism. Our goal is to help you enjoy fantastic cycling holidays in Spain and have a fun and unique experience.