The best cycling routes in Altea

A guide to help you explore the best cycling routes in Altea while providing tips and recommendations for an unforgettable cycling adventure


Altea is an absolute haven for cycling enthusiasts. 

Nestled along the picturesque coast of the Alicante province in Spain, Altea is renowned for its enchanting cobblestone streets and breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean Sea

However, what many are unaware of is that Altea also boasts an extraordinary reputation as a cycling paradise, offering an array of routes that seamlessly blend coastal and mountainous landscapes.

In recent years, Altea's popularity as a cycling destination is Spain has skyrocketed, owing to its natural splendor and the exceptional quality of its routes. 

Whether your preference lies in coastal rides, mountainous trails, or urban cycling experiences, Altea has a cycling route tailored to suit every type of cyclist.

Cycling in Altea

Want to know why we highly recommend Altea for cycling? It's simple: Altea offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, delightful weather, and a diverse range of routes that cater to cyclists of all kinds.

But that's not all! Altea is more than just a cycling hotspot. It's a place where you can immerse yourself in a plethora of activities and attractions

From the captivating allure of its historic old town to its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, Altea truly stands out as an unmatched destination.

With a Mediterranean climate gracing the town, boasting hot summers and mild winters, Altea provides an ideal environment for year-round cycling adventures

On top of that, the town boasts excellent cycling infrastructure, featuring dedicated cycle lanes and well-marked routes—a true paradise for those on two wheels!

The best cycling routes in Altea

The area surrounding the town is absolutely fantastic for embarking on various routes and relishing in a terrain that's perfect for cycling. Altea offers a wide array of cycling routes, each with its own distinct character and allure.

Cycling in Altea is an experience like no other, as it seamlessly combines natural beauty, captivating architecture, and a physical challenge all in one thrilling adventure.

One of the top-notch cycling routes in Altea takes you up to the iconic old town, where you'll encounter a labyrinth of cobblestone streets adorned with whitewashed houses and vibrant flowers. It's a sight to behold! 

But that's not all – Altea also boasts numerous mountain bike routes that traverse the awe-inspiring natural landscape that surrounds the town.

We cordially invite you to discover some of the very best routes Altea has to offer.

Route 1: Altea - Faro de l'Albir

This route serves as a gateway to the sea. The journey to the Faro de l'Albir is among the most popular cycling routes in Altea, treating riders to breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. It's a relatively easy route, perfect for beginners or those seeking a relaxed ride by the seaside.

Route 2: Altea – Sierra de Bernia

For mountain enthusiasts, the Sierra de Bernia route is an excellent choice. This route presents a challenge for more experienced cyclists, with its steep uphill climbs and thrilling downhill switchbacks. The panoramic views of the coast and mountains make it all worthwhile.

Route 3: Altea - Alcoy

If you're considering cycling in Altea, be sure to explore the Alcoy Greenway. It follows the path of an old railway line, transformed into a cycling route that winds through stunning mountain scenery and charming villages. It's unquestionably one of the most picturesque and original routes to enjoy cycling in Altea.

Route 4: Altea - Castell de Guadalest

This is one of the more demanding cycling routes in Altea. Covering 130 km with over 2,600 meters of elevation gain, it's one of the toughest routes in the area. If you're no longer a beginner and up for a challenging ride with climbs of varying difficulties, this is the route for you. Take care not to exhaust yourself too early, as the last 25 km are primarily uphill.

Route 5: Altea - Benidorm

Situated between Benidorm and Calpe, Altea is often referred to as "The Dome of the Mediterranean." Alongside its stunning landscapes, Altea boasts a charming old town with winding streets and lively squares. Lose yourself in one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Altea, cycling through the old town and along the seafront promenade before tackling the climb to Benidorm.

Route 6: Altea - Calpe

For a serene cycling experience, the coastal route from Altea to Calpe is a perfect choice suitable for riders of all levels. The gentle sea breeze and stunning ocean vistas make this route a relaxing and enjoyable ride.

Regardless of your skill level or preferences, Altea offers a route that suits your needs. At Lazypedals, we have plenty of suggestions to enhance your cycling experience in Altea!

Cycling events in Altea

Cycling enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Altea hosts several cycling events throughout the year. These events provide an excellent opportunity to test your cycling skills, connect with fellow cyclists, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Altea on two wheels.

Vuelta Ciclista a la Comunitat Valenciana

One highlight is the Vuelta Ciclista a la Comunitat Valenciana, a multi-day race that attracts professional cyclists from around the world. Witnessing some of the best cyclists in action is truly a remarkable experience.

Womens Mediterranean Stages

The Women's Mediterranean Stages feature cycling training camps held in Altea towards the end of the year. These camps are a must-attend event for women seeking to improve their skills and discover new cycling environments and destinations. 

Participants can expect comprehensive experiences, including routes, training sessions, and direct interaction with leading figures in women's cycling, such as experts in biomechanics and nutrition.

Marathons, races… and much more cycling in Altea

In addition to professional races and training camps, Altea also hosts various races and bike rides for amateur cyclists. These events offer a fantastic opportunity to enjoy cycling in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Don't miss out on everything Altea has to offer for cycling enthusiasts!

Enjoy the Complete Cycling Experience in Altea

Altea stands out as an exceptional cycling destination, providing a wide variety of routes suitable for all levels and preferences

Whether you're interested in exploring Altea through serene coastal routes, challenging mountainous terrain, or thrilling cycling races, Altea has it all.

We hope this guide has been helpful and inspires you to embark on the wonderful cycling routes in Altea. Remember, the beauty of Altea is not measured in kilometers alone but in the emotions and memories forged along the way.

Cycling in Altea with Lazypedals

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We offer you the opportunity to explore new landscapes, villages, gastronomy, and immerse yourself in different cultures.

Discover our travel destinations in Spain, and we eagerly await the chance to enhance your next cycling adventure in Altea!