Most common doubts when traveling by bike

Bike trips are becoming more fashionable. More and more people are beginning to consider the possibility of traveling with their friends, families or even alone, for different destinations such as, for example, Spain with this means of transport that is as ecological as it is fun.

But, logically, it is something relatively new for the current tourist and it is logical that doubts arise that we are going to try to solve.

We started, more frequent doubts when making a bicycle trip through Spain:

Should I take my bike to the place from which I deliver?

No, you do not have to travel with your bike, we offer the bike rental so you can use it in the place where you are going to make the route.

In this way, you will not have to worry about anything or pay extra for carrying a bike as luggage, which you also have to carry many times.

What happens with my luggage?

When traveling on these types of routes, it is usually loaded with the essentials, but once you arrive at your destination at night, would not it be great to have a suitcase with clothes to fix, a book to read or any another small luxury that we want?

Therefore, we organize the transport of luggage from one point to the other of the daily route and the traveler only has to carry what is strictly necessary while pedaling.

How do I know if the route I choose is safe?

Choosing yourself a bike route in a country where you may have never been is, at least, dangerous. You could end up tracing a route through areas of high traffic or unpopulated places where you would not have coverage or security.

We draw safe routes through which you can circulate with complete peace of mind to avoid any upset.

What happens if my bike has an accident en route?

We already discussed this topic in our previous post "How to act if you break the bike in full route" but, we comment again in case you missed it.

When you travel on your own, if your bike suffers an accident, you should call a taxi to a nearby town and get a place to fix the bike or have tools to do it yourself and continue the route.

This may mean having to spend the night in that town unexpectedly and lose the hotel reservation that had previously been made.

With us you will not have to worry, we will take care of everything so that you can enjoy your trip without any worries. You will only have to call us and we will solve the problem in the most effective way possible.

How do I know where I should book a hotel?

If you do not know the land, booking a hotel can be complicated because you do not know exactly how much you can travel each day.

We know which route is the right one and we reserve you the hotels in the most successful places so you can arrive without difficulty and enjoy free time and rest during part of the day before getting back on the bike the next morning.

Everything will be very coordinated and you will not have to worry about the hotel, if there are rooms or if you are going to get to the place you had planned.

How to know if the route I choose adapts to my level?

If you do not know the terrain, you will hardly know if you are prepared to face it.

It is possible that, when arriving and stepping on foreign soil, you consider that you are not prepared to pedal that route or that, on the contrary, it is too soft for what you expected and it does not represent a challenge that stimulates you.

We choose the routes and we grant them a level of difficulty so that you know with the maximum possible reliability, what you can expect from each of them.

In any case, the level of difficulty can vary based on subjective parameters but our experts have been based on the level of a large number of visitors and therefore, seek to be as close to reality as possible.

How can I adjust to a budget?

The budget is important when you travel, so we clearly specify what is included in our price and what is not, so you can foresee in advance how much money you will need.

In the case of meals, for example, run to your account so you can choose if you want to eat at a luxury restaurant or if you prefer to go to a supermarket and buy something cheaper such as sandwiches to eat en route.

In this way, only you decide how much you are going to spend.

What if I want to combine a bike trip with a conventional trip?

For this same reason, we do not offer flights, only the price of the route.

Thus, you can buy on your own the return tickets whenever you feel like it and stay in the country after the bike route, or previously to it, as long as you want.

At Lazypedals we have a vocation to help all those travelers who want to travel the world by bicycle. All those who wish to practice a form of tourism that is more sustainable and more respectful with the environment.