How to get started in bicycle tourism?

Cycling is exciting, but when you start it is normal to have many doubts and questions. We can not answer all of them in a single article, but at least we can give some basic advice for those who start touring on two wheels.

Do you have the right bicycle?

The first thing you need to get started in the bicycle tour is to see if you have the right bike for the type of trips you plan to do. Maybe, the bike you use for your Sunday outings is ideal for the kind of places you frequent, but not for traveling to the places you want to know.

You also have to make a list of the equipment you will need depending on the type of bicycle, the weather, the type of route you are going to carry out, etc. If you are not sure how to do it, let yourself be advised by those who have experience and have done it before. You have to carry exactly what you're going to need, or carry too many things or take less to go lighter.

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Be honest about your fitness

We all have a hard time being honest about this. We tend to boast of being much better than we really are and sometimes we are not even aware that we lack bottom or physical form. If you are planning to go cycling for several days, it is advisable that weeks before you prepare by taking bicycle trips to your level and that you extend them week by week.

If the moment you see that you are not ready, recalculate your routes and adjust the plans in a realistic way. You will get in shape little by little and you will reach very high goals. Rome was not made in a day and you can not go from the sofa of your house to climb a mountain pedaled in a matter of a few weeks.

If you are going to travel with more people, the smartest thing to do is to leave early to make a small exit together and see if you are on equivalent levels. It is better to make a change of plans and postpone the trip together for later and not discover that it is not up to par and it is preventing others to meet their objectives.

In any case, when you decide to cycle with more people you always have to adapt to the weakest. That is why, in case of traveling with the family, it is usually the children who end up marking the rhythm. It is not about demonstrating anything, but about enjoying all together.

It's not about doing much, it's about enjoying

When you go out to pedal, do not think about boasting about the kilometers you've done or uploading your route to social networks, but rather enjoy. The first times you make a bicycle route it can happen that you do not know how to calculate your resistance well and do not know how far you can go. If you notice tired it is better to stop, especially if you plan to pedal several days.

You would not be the first person who by trying to give it all the first day has to put an end to his bicycle holidays by a strong shoe or muscle injury caused by overexertion. Remember that the important thing is to enjoy.

If you are going to spend the night and need to plan your routes depending on where you want to stay, it is better that you fall short when drawing your plan for each day that you exceed. If you have plenty of time you can always do sightseeing in other ways and take the opportunity to get to know more about the town where you are going to stay or one of those you meet along the way.

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Take security measures

If you are going to go out to places far from towns and places frequented by people, it is good that you take safety precautions, even if you do not go alone or alone. For example, give someone a diagram with the route you are going to make and your scheduled hours. Thus, in case of an accident you will know where you can be most likely.

Carry your mobile phone charged and connect the GPS. If you get dizzy or fall in an area that is not easy to see it will be much easier to locate you if you can receive the signal from your phone, even if there is no coverage. Do not forget to bring water and food, which can be charged in the form of energetic bars that occupy very little space and are ideal to get you out of a hurry.

It is also recommended that you bring a small kit to fix punctures and an emergency minibotiquin with disinfectant, paper points, bandages and special bandages in case you get a blister that may prevent you from continuing.

If you have doubts, we will help you in everything you need.