How to equip you to get out of route in spring

Every time of the year has its peculiarities when it comes to going out on a bike tour. For many people, spring is the most appropriate time of year to do so because it is not yet too hot, but it is no longer as cold as it is during the winter.

If you also pedal in natural places, in spring everything is much more beautiful and full of life, for this reason, the landscapes have a very special beauty. But at the same time there are some drawbacks, such as the instability of time, how difficult it is to predict how the day is going to be and the unexpected showers that can come without warning.

Choosing the right thing to equip oneself without going too far to carry unnecessary weight but without falling short, is quite a science. And we want to help you with some suggestions that can be very useful for enjoying your bike rides during this time of year.


We don’t want to carry a lot of clothes when we do a bike tour, but you need to take some things, especially when during the day temperatures and weather conditions can change a lot, something common in spring.

Don’t forget that on our excursions you will only have to carry what you take to spend the day, as your bags will travel on their own from one hotel to the next and will be waiting for nothing when you arrive at your destination.

This is the list of clothes that we think you should never forget when you go out for bike rides during the spring.

  • A headscarf: There are handkerchiefs specially designed for cycling that can cover the head or even the face, ski mask style in cold hours and bend to become a sweating tape when it’s hot or a sun protection. A complement that will be appreciated.
  • Arm sleeves: In spring temperatures change so much throughout the day that it is normal to be in that at certain hours it is cool to go in short sleeves, but you do not still want to put on a jacket. The sleeves give that extra heat in the arms, which are exposed to air but do not move, so they usually catch quite cold.
  • Gloves: It is always advisable to wear gloves when riding a bike, but in spring it can be a good way for your hands not to freeze at times of day when it can get colder.
  • Raincoat: In spring the weather is totally unpredictable and both the sun looks like a rainstorm that can leave us soaked and frozen for the rest of the day. Carrying a simple plastic raincoat, which covers us well and protects us from water, will make us not have to stop to wait for it to escape, but that we can continue pedaling. We can choose between a raincoat or one of two pieces with pants, ideal for those who have a tendency to follow when they get wet.
  • Polar jacket: It is perfect to wear over the short sleeve shirt in the early hours of the day, when it gets colder and late in the afternoon, it can fall back to temperatures. Not only to pedal, but also to take a walk in some area or to climb to a viewpoint and enjoy the views.

The footwear

It is important to wear suitable and comfortable shoes to ride a bike. Sports shoes must be light and flexible and very breathable. The socks have to be cotton to ensure that the foot will always be at the best temperature.

It is important to wear spare socks to change in case it rains and gets soaked or if you sweat too much, so you don’t go with wet feet for the rest of the day. Socks don’t take up much space in the travel bag and can get us out of a lot of trouble.

The victualling

In the hottest hours you have to be careful not to run out of water supplies or not to get too hot. A thermal bottle coated to withstand the cold is perfect to have a cool drink when the sun is high and it is essential to replenish liquids to be able to move on.

Care must be taken to ensure that the food is fresh, so that the body does not accumulate heat and light so that digestion does not cause the blood to crowd in the stomach and we feel that the temperature rises too much. That’s why it’s good to bring some fruit to eat during some rest and not get to meals with too much appetite.