How to act if you break your bike in route

Going out on a bike is very fun, especially when it's done with friends. But small setbacks such as breakdowns or breakdowns can always occur. Whether the bike is yours or one of our rented bikes, it is recommended that you take with you the basic tools to fix basic things like a puncture.

In the case of having our agency and our bikes, we will take care of providing the traveler with everything necessary for the route.

break your bike

Possible problems that we can find in route:

> Puncture:

Placing a patch is quite simple and it is highly recommended to know how to do it before embarking on a route.

> Chain break:

A chain break although it is something rare, is also something that can be corrected momentarily thanks to a tronchacadena. This piece allows us to join the separate links of the chain and, once assembled, we can continue our way without problems.

> Chain output:

Another problem that we can find about the chain, is that it comes out, to relocate it, a bit of skill will suffice. We leave a video for you to see that it is very easy to solve:

> Radio break:

If it is only loose it can be tightened quickly with a special key for the case and therefore it can be interesting to carry it in the luggage.

On the other hand, if it has been broken, the same key can be removed and the nearest workshop will have to be quickly searched to change it.

If you travel with us, discover how we will solve it in the following points.

What happens if the bicycle has no arrangement?

If the problem of the bike does not have a quick fix but it is necessary to go to the workshop, as a specialized agency we will always look for a way to solve the problem and that you can continue with the route without problem even changing the bicycle.

If you like to make solo routes you should make sure that your mobile phone is always perfectly charged. It is advisable to carry an additional external battery as it is common to use the phone to check the route, to browse about a monument that we found along the way or to listen to music while pedaling and all this consumes the battery very quickly.

With the mobile phone you can always tell us so that we can assist you in case the bike leaves you lying and, in addition, you can send us the exact location of where you are so that it is very easy to locate you.

It is important that you do not deviate from the route you have chosen, so you will be much easier to locate. Do not forget to bring enough water and some energy bars that will be very useful always, but more in this kind of situations.

In Lazypedals we have service of attention for this type of cases

If you are thinking of doing one of our bicycle routes and you are worried what could happen in case you broke the bike in full route you do not have to worry. We have a permanent attention service during the time you are on route, in this way, if something happens throughout the day, we will help you to solve it quickly and very effectively.

In the saddlebags that we give you at the beginning of the route, a small kit is included for the most frequent and easy problems to solve by oneself, such as a puncture. Thus, an unimportant setback will not leave you out of the game.

Remember that with our bike routes everything is programmed day by day and you will always find your bags at the point of arrival. Therefore, if you have had any kind of problem with our bikes, you will only have to wait for our team to go wherever you are to change it and that everything continues with maximum satisfaction and comfort.