Discover the best trips to share as a couple

Traveling as a couple is usually a more satisfying experience. But you have to find a way to travel that satisfies and that allows you to enjoy the hobbies that you like the most. If you travel by bicycle it becomes a fantastic alternative to traditional getaways. A trip on the bike can be a place where you can ride bicycles in a plane and take them wherever you want to go, because until now this type of excursions is not very frequent. Also, you do not have to have it on your site. But today, traveling by bike is much easier thanks to the role of companies as we can organize this type of travel in a very comfortable and simple way. I do not even have to carry your own bike, since you can rent or go included in the trip, besides being arranged everything that has to do with the lodging and with any of the meals.

A very special experience

The trips on the bike tell us a lot about the people who accompany us in them, especially in that couple is your partner. When it comes to someone's side, you can discover if you have the side of a competitive person, and you can not take it into account. [caption id="attachment_14989" align="aligncenter" width="948"]the-best-of-valencian-region The best of Valencian region (7 days)[/caption] We will also know that the person who pedals is generous, that he is able to wait when he is in a moment, but has not caught his attention. In a trip by bike you often have to collaborate to reach the goal. Encourage the other person when he or she decays getting the best of himself but without damaging his self-esteem or make him feel that he is being an obstacle in the trip. Of course, this is another thing that is very important in your relationship. With these routes you will experience adventures of all kinds that will make the true self of each one arise. And for couples who have known each other for a long time and that there are no secrets among them, the trip by bike can be a new experience that the way to know places that have not lived so far, thus bringing new things to the relationship. It can be a nice gift from one to another to pleasantly surprise you.

Discover our routes

Perfect trips to make as a couple because they will let you know any of these countries alone, or in the company of other people, enjoying an excellent experience with friends.

You could choose between the different levels of difficulty

So there is no problem and one of the members of the couple is an experienced pedaling while another is still starting. In addition, for you to be afraid of not being able to face the challenge, in many of these routes is available the rent of electric bikes that, as it can not be, in the same way, they greatly facilitate the power on the two unfinished wheels exhausted from lack of experience. [caption id="attachment_14990" align="aligncenter" width="950"]from-biar-to-xativa From Biar to Xàtiva (6 days)[/caption]

Do you want to extend your stay?

In addition to the fantastic trip by bike, many of these routes offer the possibility of extending the stay at the last destination point one or two days, to discard the entire experience and live a final. Strolling, savoring the dishes of the area or simply leaving the hours behind without doing anything.

Some of our recommended routes:

With the routes that allow you to discover Valencia on your bike, you will be able to discover all the hidden treasure of this part of Spain that everyone creates, but which pleasantly surprises those who find themselves pedaling along its paths. Today we are going to recommend the The best of Valencian region (7 days) route, a demanding but worthwhile route, because it goes through places of extreme beauty, such as small towns of Arab origin or the Albufera Natural Park, where you can see the famous rice fields and other wonders of the Valencian orchard. In the same line of difficulty, we also recommend From Biar to Xàtiva (6 days), a route with a short duration, only four days and three nights, but in which you can visit many places of historical and natural interest that have to make a very exact idea How is Valencia really. Without a doubt a good option to make unforgettable couple plans.