Bike routes to enjoy in winter

Traveling by bicycle in Winter is possible. Have you thought about enjoying Spain in a different way? We recommend Valencia. One of the advantages of this area is undoubtedly its mild climate throughout the year. Although it is true that in the mountain of some areas of the Community you can find snow or in villages of the valleys between mountains the temperatures can become cold, in general the climate of the coast and close to the coast is privileged. This means that bicycle routes can be celebrated practically throughout the year, especially because they are in great demand. Large number of visitors from other countries that come to this Autonomous Community on virtually any date. The best thing about these trips is that they not only allow you to enjoy Valencia in a different way than usual, they also help you to get to know its most authentic gastronomy and not that offered in the tourist bars. The pleasure of eating or dining in a hotel or a rural restaurant with raw materials that in many cases come from the orchards themselves is one of the strengths of these routes in which the landscape puts the icing on the look for nature in state pure.

The best of Valencian region

This route that has a duration of seven days and six nights is classified as medium intensity, something that must be taken into account when doing it if you are not in sufficient shape. The electric bicycle could be an alternative for those who want to enjoy these landscapes without having to pedal at full speed. The greenway is one of the most famous bicycle routes in Spain. In this case, a long stretch of interior is combined that descends towards the coast to skirt it from Gandía to Valencia. We can see the famous Valencian rice fields and also the orange fields of La Albufera. In addition, different villages will be visited, with special emphasis on their most emblematic buildings and their historical places. The trip ends in Valencia, allowing travelers to explore the city to their liking. If you do not know Valencia it is advisable to request extra nights to enjoy this city that has much to offer its tourists both culturally and in leisure. best-valencian-region-bike

From Xàtiva to Valencia

Although this route also has an average intensity, cataloged as 2, it is a short-term getaway, four days and three nights, in which, in fact, it only pedals for two days. The trip will begin knowing the authentic castle of the city of Xátiva and its peculiar historical helmet full of manor houses and squares of the medieval period. The trip has an excursion through the Albufera, a natural park very valuable for its flora, fauna, its lakes, dune formations and forests that reach the very edge of the sea. In addition to a walk through the port to see the fishermen of the town of Palmar. from-xativa-to-valencia

Olives, vineyards and oranges from Valencia

Another medium route, this time long as we talk about eight days and seven nights, so it is designed for those who pedal regularly. Keep in mind that in this type of routes the fatigue accumulates and even if you opt for an electric bicycle, pedaling is always going to be necessary and if you do not have a previous background the laces can end up ruining the expectations of any traveler who does not have experience in bicycle routes. If it is considered that it can be a somewhat ambitious journey, you can begin with the previously proposed one, which, being much shorter, tests the possibilities of each person without falling into excesses. Although the daily routes are quite long there is the possibility of shortening them in some of the dates to avoid accumulating an excess of kilometers in the legs and back. The heart of this trip is to know the rural area of ​​Valencia, with its olive plantations, its vineyards and fruit trees among which always stand out the orange trees for the importance that this fruit has in the economy of the area. Some of the cities that are to be visited along the route have a medieval origin and you can still see this in their historic centers. The famous Albufera is not going to miss this beautiful bicycle tour that is one of the most beautiful we have for this area. orange-groves-of-valencia