The best viewpoint route in the Valencian Community by bike

Do you know where you can find a light bike route to get closer to the best viewpoints in the Valencian Community? We have the answer.

Well, perhaps we have overstepped making such a bold statement considering that the Valencian Community is a propitious land for natural balconies benefitting from a spectacular orography.

But what cannot be denied about this cycling route is that it is the route that concentrates the most viewpoints in the fewest kilometers. And with a route of only 33 km we can get as close as, no more, no less... 15 different viewpoints! So get your film ready (although we know that phrase is a bit outdated by now), because you'll get a real kick out of the spectacular views.

Ah, we still haven't told you about the location of this viewpoint route. Remember the name: Jávea. And here are the 15 viewpoints you can experience.

Cap de Sant Antoni

This first viewpoint boasts one of the most impressive sunsets of the coast. We start off strong considering that there are 14 more, but this viewpoint that separates Jávea from Dénia allows us to observe from the best spot the Bay of Jávea next to Cap Prim.

Mirador dels Molins

We approach the Mirador els Molins cycling to enjoy panoramic views of the entire Valencian municipality. From this viewpoint we descend towards the port of Jávea to head towards the next viewpoints, in this case closer to the coast.

Mirador de la Punta del Arenal

It may not be as spectacular as the Cap de Sant Antoni, but from the Punta del Arenal viewpoint we can stop with our lover (we are referring to the bicycle, of course) to view the Cap de Sant Antoni itself in the background from another slope. A matter of perspective.

Mirador de la Séquia de la Nòria

This viewpoint has a certain history, as it has a channel excavated on the toscar used in Roman times to bring water from the sea. Like the Punta del Arenal viewpoint, from the beach we can observe the view of the Mediterranean Sea, which on calm days looks like an infinite raft.

Mirador de Cala Blanca

The next jump from viewpoint to viewpoint is Cala Blanca, which can be reached via the Camí de Cala Blanca (as you can see, you can't get around it). Cala Blanca consists of three coves with crystal clear waters, although they are not easily accessible. However, those who approach them get their reward in rest. One of those places where everything seems to be in its natural state. From this vantage point, with a little perspective, we can glimpse the different bays.

Mirador de Caletes

Very close to this viewpoint is the Caletes viewpoint, which can be reached via a small path. If you are on a road bike, you may prefer to skip the access to it, as it is not particularly comfortable with the coves on your back. However, you will be missing out on a very special perspective of the cliffs of Jávea, full of small, inaccessible but charming coves.

Mirador de la Creu del Portitxol

As we gradually ascend, we come across a small viewpoint at the foot of the road, which seems to go unnoticed, but which offers views of the small island Isla del Portitxol. By the way, from this viewpoint you can access Cala Sardinera, one of the quietest coves in Jávea. In addition, it also connects with several hiking trails.

Mirador de l’Illa

Entering the Mar Azul urbanization we come across another viewpoint that is somewhat more hidden than the previous ones, although access to it is not too complicated. This viewpoint offers views of both Illa del Portitxol Island and Cala Barraca, and you can also view Cap Negre. Although it is not our favorite, it catches you on the way to the next viewpoint.

Mirador de Falzia

Not leaving the urbanization, we come across another path, which is accessed via Carrer Pagre. There you will come across a small dirt track that will take you to the viewpoint, which by the way has a bench where you can sit and enjoy the panoramic views of all the viewpoints you have passed before. Despite being very close to the Mirador de l'Illa, the views from this viewpoint are much clearer.

Mirador del Cap Negre

We approach it cycling and climb a few meters to reach Mirador del Cap Negre by the carrer del Cap Negre. On clear days you can glimpse points of the Valencian coast hundreds of kilometers away. The perspective is magical, and it's also worth saying that when you have 10 viewpoints in your path, it is possible that you no longer have words to describe the views. So the best thing you can do is contemplate them in silence.

Mirador del Cap de la Nau

Accessed by Enrique Granados street, located in the heart of Balcón del Mar, you will find easy access to the Mirador del Cap de la Nau, which you can quickly identify because right there you will find a restaurant called... El Mirador. It may not be original, but why give it another name if the reality is that the views are what really stand out. You can also reach the Cap de la Nau lighthouse, located just a few meters away.

Mirador de les Pesqueres

If we go a little further along the street of Cap de la Nau we can reach the Mirador de les Pesqueres, from where we can see the lighthouse and the different urbanisations in Jávea.

Mirador de Ambolo

The Mirador de Ambolo, which sounds like the name of a six-foot-ninety center forward and a good header, does have the quality of a view that can be a little dizzying. From this viewpoint we can see the discoverer's island, a small islet very close to the coast. A few years ago you could access a very pretty nearby cove, but the risk of landslides forced it to be closed. In any case, it is not accessible by bicycle, so one more reason not to take risks.

Mirador del Castell de la Granadella 

In a small detour from the Granadella road we can reach the viewpoint of Castell de la Granadella, from where we can observe the views of the ruins of the old castle of Granadella, of which only a few historical remains are left.

Mirador de Granadella

Mirador de la Granadella is the location with which we will put an end to our charming bike route along the coast of the Valencian Community. If we have time, we can get closer from this viewpoint to the Castell de la Granadella that we have mentioned, although the path can become somewhat uncomfortable with the bike on our backs.

So, no to getting lost, here is a tailored map with all the spots... so that you don't miss any!