5 basic for your suitcase that you will need on your bike route

Preparing the suitcase for a bicycle trip is not exactly the same as doing it for a plane or car trip. That's why today we come to tell you the essentials that you should tell us if you are planning your next trip by bike and we have divided it into 5 parts so you can see it in a simple and clear way:

# 1 For the part above

As part of the above you will basically need breathable shirts. Since we are talking about bike routes and not racing or competition, basic cotton shirts are perfectly valid. For when the cold arrives you can complete this with a windbreaker jacket or a sweatshirt.

It is possible that some day it will rain, but you do not have to buy a complete rain gear for a bike route. Just buy a comfortable poncho that covers your head and most of your body. In these cases it is recommended that you carry dry socks in your backpack to be able to change once it stops raining.

Do not forget the caps, because if it is sunny they will be absolutely essential. In addition, sunscreen should be used on all parts of the body that are exposed to avoid burns.

# 2 For the bottom

Like we said that for the top you do not need technical clothes you do not need it for the bottom part either. You just have to opt for comfortable and breathable pants. It is preferable that they are stuck to the leg, since the flights do not get along well with the pedals and chains. Neither should they have ribbons or any other adornment that can be hooked with the spokes of the bike.

In long pants the most suitable are the gym pants stuck to the leg and elastic, which will facilitate all kinds of movement. It gives preference to cotton with lycra since polyesters can cause friction.

If it is hot, then bet on shorts, also preferably cotton. If you use them from another material, make sure that at least your underwear is cotton. This will prevent that when you start to sweat the skin may be irritated or have an allergic reaction.

# 3 For the feet and hands

Gloves are very important when you spend many hours on the bike. You can choose short gloves if it is not cold, since they will be much more comfortable for you. If you usually sweat a lot in your hands, take a spare to change and be more comfortable in the middle of the day.

The socks, again made of cotton, are important to be very comfortable on the bike. You can use special shoes for cycling but for a normal and current bike route you do not need them, being able to use any sneaker or any mountain footwear that does not have a high top.

Take spare socks is very important because the feet can get wet by the effect of sweat, rain or because walking in an area that we do not know well end up with your feet in a puddle or pool. Although the shoes are somewhat wet if the socks are dry we will feel much more comfortable.

Do not forget to take strips of those that are treated for rubbing or blisters. Not only will they help you to heal earlier, but they will also prevent you from continuing to feel the discomfort. As always when going out of route, it is good to avoid brand new footwear since it will be without adapting to the foot.

# 4 To keep you in shape

During the cycling route it is essential to hydrate, so you should always bring a bottle with water or an isotonic drink. It is also important to bring some energy bars. Even if we eat well we are not free from feeling weak, especially if you are not used to exercise. These bars have the advantage that they do not weigh but they satisfy a lot and provide energy. The nuts are also valid.

Do not forget also a small kit with the most basic things such as the aforementioned bandages, sunscreen, paracetamol or ibuprofen and some muscle pain cream if you suffer a pull or begin to give problems to some area of ​​the body due to the effort already lack of habit

# 5 Not to miss yourself

In addition to the maps of the route it is good to carry a mobile phone with full load and Internet connection to check at all times where we are or call to ask for help if you suffer any setback. In the phone you can also save the information that has been searched on the sites to visit, thus avoiding having to carry paper and having everything at hand so you do not miss anything of the places where the bicycle route takes place.

If you take an extra battery you can use the phone to listen to music, especially if you pedal alone. It is important to remember that you can not listen to music with headphones as this would prevent listening to the noises of other vehicles or any acoustic warning that other users of the route we are going through would like to make us.