Sustainable tourism


We genuinely believe that cycling is one of the most interesting, healthy and environmentally responsible ways in which to explore new places. Our company provides the opportunity to get to know local people and to invest money locally in small local shops, accommodation, restaurants, etc.

We encourage clients to visit historic sites such as monasteries, ancient Iberian towns, castles, etc. We believe that this provides them with deeper insight into the Valencian way of life and its roots rather than just offering them a superficial cycling tour

We aim, at all times, to offer a very personal service to each and every client, in particular, if they encounter any kind of problem.


In Spain, and especially in rural, inland areas, many livelihoods depend upon small family businesses such as local shops, restaurants, rural accommodation, small workshops, etc. Your trip run almost exclusively in rural areas in order to support small local business.  

We are committed to ensuring that employees of Lazypedals are 100% local. You will be cared for by a team with extensive knowledge of the region and excellent relationships with all of our local partners.

Most of the accommodation that we use consists of small rural houses (Casas Rurales) and family-run hotels. This keeps the countryside alive, enabling people to live and work in remote areas whilst preserving and improving rural properties.

We work with local taxi drivers whom we contact should you need a transfer or to be picked-up.

On the subject of gastronomy we have a great deal to offer. We encourage people to try our traditional dishes. We recommend local restaurants where clients can enjoy local Mediterranean foods.
Because the tours encompass such a variety of landscapes, clients can experience the food and drink indigenous to each area, for example, in the area of inland vineyards and orchards they can sample the meats, fruits, nuts and wines to be found here. Close to the coast there is an abundance of fish and sea food and around the Albufera rice paddies there are many different, delicious rice dishes.


We are committed to offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions created by each journey. We achieve this by donating money to a local group that carries out reafforestation projects in the area in which we operate our tours. The calculation of those emissions is based on taxi, luggage transfer and bike journeys that take place during each day of your tour.

We also strive to make our business as clean as possible in every way by trying to make as little impact on the environment as possible. One example of the extent to which we take our concern about this issue lies in our careful choice of materials used to clean the bikes at the end of each tour.

We have a specific garage for our bikes where we recycle everything: tyres, brakes, cables, etc. We use ecological products in order to clean them.

In our pre-trip information we try to do an effort saving paper. Currently we are changing from providing tour information on sheets of paper to creating a small booklet. This use far less paper.