Our holidays

We want you to get to know places far removed from the traditional concept of mass tourism. That is why our experiences are designed for you to visit unusual, quaint,  unchanged, rural places which are off the beaten track. Charming places where you can feel the essence and spirit of sites, communities, customs, traditions and people.

Travelling by bike is a pleasurable, sensory experience, combining physical activity with a means of transport that gives the senses free rein to appreciate landscape, culture and gastronomy. We ensure a high level of comfort for you since you stay in carefully chosen, local hotels where you can savour the local gastronomy. Of course, you have our unconditional support at all times, should you need it.

Our customers are often over 50 years of age; people who are eager to discover new places and to experience the sensation and freedom that travelling by bike gives them; all of this whilst simultaneously enjoying a high level of hotel comfort combined with excellent, personal service.


Your experiences are born out of our local perspective, from the knowledge and experience of a team which has a thorough knowledge of, and passion for, the areas explored by our tours. We do all of the work ourselves: designing the tour, preparing information, booking hotels, transferring luggage, assisting clients en route, etc. There is no intermediary between us and our valued clients.


We offer you our full support but you set the pace and pattern of your days!  You are the one who decides the timings of each day: your rhythm, your breaks, where to eat, where to rest, when and where to explore, etc.
Everything is designed to facilitate a unique experience for you: one that fulfils YOUR dream, creates YOUR ideal holiday. Meanwhile, our invisible support shadows you and is only a phone call away, should it prove necessary.


Welcome meeting
We meet with you at the first hotel in order to welcome you in person and to introduce you to our team. You will be given information, maps, a GPS navigator, a bicycle, accessories, etc. The route will be briefly outlined and we can answer any questions that you may have.

Travel Information
Our information has been carefully designed to be clear and easy to use when you are travelling. It offers insight into the culture, landscape and traditions of the area in which you are cycling. Our bikes are fitted with holders which make it much easier for you to make use of the information that we provide.
We give you all of the necessary information at the introductory briefing, where we also explain the key aspects of your journey.

24/7 Local Support
We believe that it is essential to offer you 24-hour support. If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to call us and we will help in any way that we can. If you have a mechanical problem that you cannot solve, if you need us to organise a transfer because it is raining hard, etc. please call us and we will provide a solution.