Our hotels

For us it is a priority to help our clients to feel at home. One of the best moments of the day is at the end of a stage, when holidaymakers arrive at their temporary “home”, their hotel. We understand what it is, after a memorable but tiring day, to arrive “home” wanting to enjoy the same comfort, or, indeed, even greater luxury than if we were at home.
With our detailed local knowledge we have carefully chosen the highest quality hotels available in the areas which our tours explore. Each of them offers a high level of comfort and services to clients.
Most of the hotels are located in small villages or in places that are of special interest because of their locations. All of them have comfortable, common areas where you can read, have a coffee or just relax. Most of them have terraces where you can laze in the open air.
You can enjoy an excellent breakfast specially designed for hungry cyclists. There are also menus made up of delicious local products.
Finally, of course, each night’s accommodation has a designated place in which to store bikes safely.