Cycling routes for families: introduction to cycling for children


Family bike rides are a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors together, while exercising and exploring new places. Luckily, in Spain, we can find a wide range of routes suitable for all ages. 

Here are some examples of cycling routes for families where all members will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Exploring cycling routes for families

In an increasingly digital and connected world, it is essential to remind ourselves the importance of maintaining a balance between virtual life and life outside the screens. 

Encouraging children to love physical activity and enjoy nature not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, it also builds a deep appreciation for the world around us. If all of this is shared as a family, it becomes even more valuable.

The bicycle is a perfect tool for this goal, as it is a very accessible and exciting form of exercise. Spain has many possibilities for family cycling routes, so we invite you to take note of some of them and start preparing this adventure together.

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cycling routes for families

Vía Verde of Aceite, Andalusia

One of the most popular bike trails for families in Spain is the Vía Verde del Aceite. Its name is due to the fact that this route offers a quiet ride through olive groves and breathtaking natural landscapes, following the old train route.

Although you can adapt it according to your needs, by following this route you can reach 128 kilometers between Jaén and Córdoba. 

The landscapes, the extraordinary metal bridges of the 19th century and the legacy of its rich history, make it a good choice for family cycling.

The Bear Trail, Asturias

In the north of Spain, specifically in the region of Asturias, is the Bear Trail. This itinerary of approximately 30 kilometers is one of the bike trails with kids that will for sure fascinate your children.

This green route welcomes you with a huge bear sculpture, which is shown as a sign of the route's identity. Along the way, you will cross an impressive gorge. Meanwhile, you will all have the opportunity to watch these animals in their natural habitat.

In terms of land, this route can be a bit more demanding if it is the first one for the little ones, so it will be ideal for when they are more used to cycling routes with their families.

Ruta circular through Jérica, Castellón

There are many spectacular cycling routes in the Valencian Community. However, if you are looking for routes for family bike rides in the province of Castellón, the Jérica loop route is a good option.

Jérica is a key place to get started with family cycling, as it offers a route of only about 13 kilometers, which can be covered in approximately 2 hours. The total time will depend on the pace and the stops you make, but the difficulty of the route is low and the terrain is suitable and comfortable for everyone.

This is one of those family-friendly bike rides where you can enjoy nature and history, as it will take you through a variety of lovely views and points of interest. 

From forest areas to green fields, you will be able to make stops along the way to visit places such as the Ermita de San Roque, the Fuente de la Teja or the Barranco de la Gasulla.

Carrilet Route, Catalonia

One of the cycling routes for families that can be enjoyed in Catalonia is located along the old train route that used to run between Olot and Girona.

The terrain of this route is mostly flat and paved, so it becomes a good alternative for family bike rides along its 54 kilometers.

The Carrilet route is also a real gem for those looking for a cycling experience where they can also enjoy natural beauty and history. Also, its difficulty is low to moderate, so it could be fit for most ages and levels.

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Green Route from Príncipe Pío to Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

The Green Route from Príncipe Pío to Boadilla del Monte is a historical and natural route that links Madrid, with Pozuelo, Majadahonda and Boadilla del Monte.

It consists of a route that crosses old farming trails that have been very well preserved. This makes it a wonderful resource for cycling with the family or for a pleasant stroll on foot.

If you opt for the bicycle, its extension of approximately 17 kilometers runs along a nice and accessible path for all ages and levels. Along the way, children and adults can enjoy a variety of landscapes, both green and wooded as well as urban areas. 

Moreover, another plus point is that this is one of the most complete cycling routes for families in the Community of Madrid, as it has several rest areas and parks for children to recover their energy.

cycling routes for families

Basic requirements for bike trails with kids

Just as you have to take into account some basic requirements when starting out in bicycle tourism, family bike rides require a very detailed preparation beforehand. 

Therefore, don't forget the following details to enjoy this experience with the younger members of the family:

  • Appropriate bicycles and in good condition.  Before starting to plan family bike rides, it is important that each kid has a proper bike and that he/she is used to pedaling with it. Prior to the ride, each bike should be checked to ensure that everything is in good working order.

  • Equipment. Helmets, reflective elements, clothing, footwear... everything must be adapted to the characteristics of the kids.

  • Key elements. When planning a family bike ride, it is essential not to forget essential items such as water bottles for hydration along the way and a small first aid kit.

  • Knowledge of traffic regulations. One important aspect of safe family cycling routes is that before starting any of them, the kids should know the basic rules of road safety and traffic (turns, stops...).

  • Communication and supervision. Clear communication and constant supervision of the children should be maintained throughout the route.

  • Check the weather. Before going on any family bike ride, it is important to check the weather forecast to avoid dangerous weather-related situations.

Have you already decided which of these cycling routes for families you want to try with your children? By following the basic requirements, you will be able to enjoy together, while also encouraging a love for family cycling holidays in Spain

Finally, don't forget to teach children to respect the environment to avoid damaging it as you go along.