Discovering the best and most comfortable cycling hotels in Calpe


We encourage you to discover comfort and adventure all in one place with our list of cycling hotels in Calpe, where you can stay and make the most of your adventure by taking a tour around this town in Alicante.

Calpe, the gem of the Costa Blanca in Spain

It is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts. With its pleasant climate, varied terrain and breathtaking views, it's no wonder that Calpe is a popular destination for those who love cycling in Spain.

But what would a biking route through Calpe be without a comfortable and cozy place to rest after a long day on the road? This is where the cycling hotels in Calpe come into the picture.

Calpe's appeal to cyclists

Calpe has been for a long time a magnet for cyclists, both amateurs and professionals. With its sunny climate, varied landscape and panoramic views, it offers the perfect conditions for cycling

In addition, its well-maintained and lightly trafficked roads make it a joy to pedal.

But it's not just the landscapes that attract cyclists to Calpe. The town is also known for its rich history and vibrant culture. After a day of cycling, you can explore Calpe's old town, visit its many museums and galleries, or enjoy a meal at one of its many excellent restaurants.


cycling hotels in Calpe

Cycling hotels in Calpe

These hotels are not just a place to rest your head. They are centers of comfort and convenience, designed specifically to meet the needs of any user, especially cyclists. 

Cycling hotels in Calpe offer a wide range of services and amenities that make the cycling experience even more enjoyable.

In order to choose the best accommodation for you when visiting Calpe, we are going to review different cycling hotels in Calpe, their unique features and the benefits of staying in one of them.

Discover the best places for cycling adventures in Spain.

The best cycling hotels in Calpe

There are excellent cycling hotels in Calpe. From Lazypedals we introduce you to some of the best:

Gran Hotel Sol y Mar 

This hotel offers a privileged location for cycling, situated on the Arenal Beach right in front of the iconic Peñón de Ifach. It is also located in the center of Calpe, with two bicycle stores and workshops just a few steps away from the hotel. 

Its strategic position, next to the sea and only 5 km from the Marina Mountains, gives it direct access to peaks such as Coll de Rates or Cumbres del Sol, as well as the Bernia and Aitana mountain ranges. 

This is an unbeatable location to enjoy cycling on roads where you can pedal for hours on a top quality asphalt, along with over 300 sunny days a year.

Bike Center in Calpe

The Gran Hotel Sol y Mar has its own Bike Center fully equipped with everything you need to take care of your bike. This hotel offers complete facilities and countless services, all designed to meet the needs of any cyclist. 

From a specialized bicycle parking, to a workshop dedicated to repairs, you will find guided tours with GPS and much more.

Suitopia – Sol y Mar Suites Hotel

Located in the heart of Calpe town, this is a wonderful four-star hotel full of amenities, including a luxurious spa, an outdoor pool available all year round, and a children's playground.

As an option among the cycling hotels in Calpe, it turns out to be an excellent choice: it has a laundry room as well as bicycle storage with bathrooms. Bicycle maintenance services are available from January to June. 

It is very popular among several cycling teams and event organizers due to its modern facilities and location. They also offer guided bike tours if you wish to see the highlights of the area.

AR Diamante Beach Spa Hotel

The AR Diamante Beach Spa Hotel, located just 200 meters from Levante beach, is a magnificent four-star luxury establishment with a wide range of services.  

It offers a variety of sports facilities, a buffet restaurant with poolside terrace and all rooms have their own balcony.

This hotel is well known as a training center for professional cycling teams: it has a storage area equipped with washing facilities and a workshop for repairs.

Bicycle rentals and airport transfers can be arranged. The hotel also offers direct access to the beach boardwalk and the road, allowing you to start cycling from the hotel itself. There is even additional parking space available for equipment trucks.

Hotel Bahía Calpe

Thanks to Hotel Bahía Calpe's collaboration with Cycling Friendly, its facilities are equipped with cycling services that allow guests to explore the wonderful scenery of Calpe without worrying about storing or keeping their bike in perfect condition.

With the multiple cycling services available at this hotel, you can tour Calpe at your own pace and make the most out of your vacation.

The Bahia Calpe is one of the cycling hotels in Calpe that offer you a guided tour along the coast of Calpe or you can create your own personalized route, the choice is all yours! 

Choosing the Bahia Calpe among all the hotels in Calpe is an excellent choice. In its facilities you will find the safety and attention you need. And if you have not traveled with your bike, the Bahia Calpe provides you with one of the best rental services.


comfortable cycling hotels in Calpe

Benefits of staying at a hotel for cyclists

Staying at a rural hotel in Spain for cyclists offers many advantages. For starters, cycling hotels in Calpe understand your needs as a cyclist. In other words, they offer services and amenities specific to cyclists.

Cycling hotels are located in strategic locations, close to the best cycling routes. That way, you can be out of your hotel and on the road in just a few minutes. 

Last but not least, cycling hotels offer the opportunity to meet other cyclists and share experiences and tips.

Characteristics of the cycling hotels in Calpe

Cycling hotels in Calpe offer a variety of features designed to make your cycling experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible:

Secured bicycle storage

We know how important your bike is to you. That's why many cycling hotels in Calpe offer secure storage for your bike.

Bicycle repair shop

There is nothing worse than having a problem with your bike in the middle of your vacation. Fortunately, many cycling hotels in Calpe have their own bike repair shop.

Bicycle rental services

If you don't want to bring your own bike, or if you want to try something new, many cycling hotels in Calpe offer bike rental services.

Cycling routes and maps

To help you plan your cycling routes, many hotels offer cycling routes, maps, and GPS.

Check out the best cycling routes in Calpe

Cycling hotels in Calpe for your next cycling adventure

Cycling hotels in Calpe offer an unbeatable combination of comfort and adventure, with a sunny climate that makes it a paradise for those who love biking.

So why not booking your stay at one of the cycling hotels in Calpe today and discover what makes this destination so special? We promise you won't regret it.