Denia Cycling Routes for Fun-Filled Adventures


The passion for cycling can take us to incredible places, such as the cycling routes of Denia. This coastal city of the Valencian Community is a real paradise for cycling enthusiasts.

With its mix of coastal and mountainous landscapes, along with charming villages, Dénia has become one of the favorite destinations for cyclists from all over the world.

In Dénia, cycling is more than just a sport: it's a way of life. The city has an extensive network of cycling trails and routes that stretch from the heart of the city to the majestic Montgó mountains and beyond.

The landscapes are as diverse as they are beautiful, from white sandy beaches to rugged mountains, lush forests to picturesque villages.

But it's not just about the scenery. Dénia is also known for its warm and pleasant climate, which makes it an ideal place for cycling all year round.

In fact, many people come to Dénia during the winter to escape the cold and enjoy cycling days in the sun.

Why is Dénia a paradise for cyclists? 

Dénia is a paradise for cyclists for many diverse reasons. Firstly, its unique geography offers a wide range of cycling routes to explore, from coastal plains to steep mountains, catering to every type of cyclist in Dénia.

Moreover, the city has a deeply rooted cycling culture

The locals of Dénia are cycling enthusiasts, and it's common to see groups of cyclists riding through the city streets. Undoubtedly, this creates a welcoming atmosphere for visitors who come to enjoy the cycling routes in Dénia.

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best cycling routes in Denia

Best Cycling Routes in Dénia 

There are countless cycling routes in Dénia, each with its own charm and challenge.

Calas Route 

Explore the stunning beaches and coves along Dénia's coastline. It's one of the most challenging road cycling routes in Dénia, reaching an altitude of only 210 meters but demanding excellent physical fitness. 

Covering a solid 69.4 km, this route takes you through the beautiful Marina Alta, passing spectacular spots like Gata de Gorgos, Cala de Granadella, Cabo de Nao, and Cap Negre.

Montgó Route 

A fabulous journey that takes cyclists through the breathtaking mountain landscape of Montgó Natural Park. Although it's a relatively short distance of 38.4 km with 216 meters of elevation gain, it's not easy. 

Starting from Jávea, there's a considerable ascent to Cabo de Sant Antoni. Once at the top, we recommend adding a detour to the lighthouse for its stunning views; it's worth the extra distance.

Dénia - Coll de Rates Route 

If we had to suggest just one route, it would undoubtedly be this one. The Coll de Rates pass is widely regarded as the ultimate cycling destination in the Valencian Community

The Dénia-Coll de Rates route covers 83.77 km and starts in Parcent. It involves a positive elevation gain of 1,319 meters, reaching a maximum altitude of 744 meters. 

A series of ups and downs through Tárbena leads to Castell de Castells via "el Somo." We recommend enjoying the considerable descent to Benigembla before heading back to Dénia via Murla and Orba.

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Orange Route - Green Route

The Dénia Greenway, also known as the Orange Route, is a short stretch that follows the natural path of the former Dénia-Gandia railway. Starting from Partida Negrals, it extends 6.5 km to El Verger.

The route is flat and easy, making it an ideal bike excursion for families with children in Dénia. Along the way, you'll pass through orange and almond orchards.

If you're up for a longer journey, you can extend the route to the Pego-Oliva Marsh Natural Park.

Mountain Trails

In addition to these routes, Dénia also offers a series of trails throughout its mountains that are perfect for mountain biking.

These paths provide an exciting blend of physical challenge and natural beauty. If you're a mountain biking enthusiast, you can't miss them.

Exclusive Cycling Experiences in Dénia

Dénia offers a plethora of unique experiences for cycling enthusiasts.

One of the most popular is the Marina Alta Race, an exhilarating cycling race that attracts cyclists from all over the world.

This event offers the opportunity to compete in one of Dénia's most stunning and competitive cycling routes, with spectacular views of the sea and mountains.

Another unique experience is La Ruta del Vino (The wine route), a cycling tour that takes participants through Dénia's vineyards and offers the chance to taste some of the region's finest wines.

In addition to these activities, Dénia boasts several cycling clubs and groups that organize regular outings and events. Joining these groups is an excellent way to meet fellow cycling enthusiasts and explore Dénia's cycling routes in great company.

In addition to these activities, Dénia has a variety of cycling clubs and groups that offer regular outings and organize events and competitions. These groups are an excellent way to meet other cycling enthusiasts and explore Dénia's cycling routes in good company.


cycling in Denia

Seasonal Guide to Cycling Routes in Dénia

Cycling in Dénia is an activity that can be enjoyed all year round. Its pleasant and warm climate allows for cycling throughout the year. However, each season has its own peculiarities.

In spring, Dénia comes to life as orange trees blossom. The mild temperatures make it the perfect time to explore cycling routes in Dénia.

Summer can be quite hot, so it's recommended to cycle early in the morning or in the late afternoon to avoid the midday heat. The Calas Route is especially popular during these months, as it offers the chance to cool off in the sea after a long ride.

Autumn brings cooler temperatures and stunning landscapes, with orange fields and forests turning golden and reddish. This is an ideal time for mountain biking enthusiasts, as the trails are less crowded, and the weather is perfect for long cycling journeys.

Winter in Dénia is mild and sunny, making it an ideal destination to escape the cold. During these months, you can explore mountain routes and enjoy panoramic views of the city and the sea from the heights of Montgó.

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Dénia for Cycling Enthusiasts

Dénia is truly a paradise for cycling enthusiasts. Its combination of stunning landscapes, pleasant climate, and a vibrant cycling community make cycling routes in Dénia an unparalleled experience.

Come to Dénia and discover why it is one of the best cycling destinations in the world.

At Lazypedals, we have a team of specialists ready to plan your cycling vacation in Spain. We look forward to welcoming you!