Cycle tourism: Discover Spain by bike

Spain is a rich country in many ways. Year after year it is one of the favorite destination for many European tourists who travel in search of an unforgettable holidays. If you are looking for a unique trip on a bicycle, at Lazypedals we offer you all kind of routes that you will love and fulfill your expectations.

Long-term trips

In our catalog you can find long trips, eight and seven days. They are perfect for vacations because they allow you to enjoy many days and to know thoroughly the place you are visiting. An example of these trips is the Olive groves, vineyards and orange groves of Valencia (8 days). In which, over more than a week, they discover all the places that Valencia conceals, such as its vines and its orange fields, representative of the richness of its soil.

Another of these long trips is From the Garrotxa to the Costa Brava (7 days), a route that takes the traveler from the inland area to the coast, allowing you to enjoy the contrasts of two different areas of Girona, but at the same time Once so beautiful each in his own way. Among other places you can visit Figueres, place where the famous painter Salvador Dalí was born and where there is a museum in his honor.

Our most chosen routes

Many of our clients demand routes that allow them to have a general vision of the place they are going to visit, since they want to take the widest possible impression. For this reason, some of the most successful excursions are those that make extensive trips that make it easy to visit different places both inland and on the coast or those that show the most important points of a region.

An example of this is the route The best of Valencian Region that over seven days makes a journey that begins in the interior lands of Valencia and then advances along the coast, discovering places like Bocairent, Alcoi, Cullera or the same Valencia. An incredible route in which many of the most interesting places of the Valencian region will be known.

Another of those interesting trips that both travelers who want to get to Spain want are Valencia, the land of contrasts, an eight-day getaway that crosses a large part of the Valencia region. During this trip you will visit some of the vineyards in the area, water mills, orange groves and impressive orchards. In addition, you will also visit cities such as Xativa and the Albufera Natural Park. The trip ends in Valencia with the possibility of extending the trip one more day to enjoy the city.

Getaways with lots of charm

Those who do not have much time to travel have at their disposal a getaway like From Xativa to Valencia that, in just four days, offers the possibility of seeing in a compressed way all the best of the area and get the best impression of the Valencian region .

As you can see, there are options for all tastes and no matter how much time is available or a great physical shape, there are trips for all types of tourists.

The vast majority of them have a low level of difficulty and can be performed by the whole family, something to be grateful for when traveling with children. Traveling with children by bike is a way of instilling values ​​and showing them that it is possible to discover a country without having to hurry, drive and in places full of people waiting for queues every day.

The low level of difficulty does not imply that you do not need to have a certain degree of physical form since you have to bear in mind that, if you choose a route of a week, you will have to be willing to exercise several days in a row. If it is carried out a minimum preparation before, the shoelaces can make their appearance and make the journey difficult.

The weather, an authentic wonder (almost) all year round

Spain is known for being a land of pleasant climate, especially the Mediterranean area. Therefore, when traveling through this place, good weather is usually guaranteed. This is a good thing when traveling by bike, although you have to keep in mind that it is possible to enjoy a trip even when it rains.

To do so, you just have to bring proper water clothes and a good attitude. The beauty of many natural places intensifies on rainy days, so you can enjoy a different landscape but it is still pleasant and beautiful.

Encouraging you to take a tour on rainy days can be as rewarding an experience as doing it with the most intense sun. The important thing is to have a good disposition and be willing to enjoy what comes with all the enthusiasm and with all the illusion you feel every time you know a new place and more if you pedal, which is how you can really immerse yourself in the places you visit.