A new way to get to know the Mediterranean

When you think about traveling to the Mediterranean, the first thing that usually comes to mind are the most usual tourist destinations on the Spanish coast. Benidorm, Valencia or Gandía are some of the names that come to us almost automatically. However, Valencia as a region has much more to discover that these tourist cities bathed by the historic Mediterranean Sea. To discover all the beauty of this Spanish region, it is best to go into the lands of its interior and make a route, which can end up in the sea to see both sides of the coin. But, even on the coast, the landscapes can be very different from the great beaches and the monumental hotels that we see in all the tourist brochures. For example, you can discover La Albufera, a unique and protected space in which to enjoy the large orchards or the citrus groves so typical of the area. But also of the wetlands where rice is planted, a key element of Valencian gastronomy. The best way to know all this is, without a doubt, by bicycle. On two wheels you can travel at a speed that allows you to move around different places in a reasonable time but, at the same time, be able to see the landscapes, stop at the most beautiful places and perform sports, something that many consider essential in their vacations.

The history of the Valencia region

Surely you have read about the celebrations of Moors and Christians that take place in different towns of Valencia. These celebrations have their origin in the clashes that took place during the Muslim occupation of these lands. Some of our bike routes can discover towns of this era, with a marked Muslim origin and that preserve many of the features of this culture and its architecture. You can also find people of Christian origin, after the occupation and make comparisons between them, although the passage of time has been equal in many ways. A perfect trip for those who want to know nature and historical places is the route from Biar to Xàtiva by bike. Biar is a village with a castle of the twelfth century and through which you can enjoy an unforgettable walk through its old streets. But in addition to medieval towns you will also be able to see great vineyards that will surprise by their extension and by their cellars, which are in fact ancient manor houses transformed. from-biar-to-xativa Of course, you can also know the history of the city of Valencia, the most important city in the Spanish Mediterranean. For this, some of our routes begin or end in this city, allowing the traveler to arrive a few days before or prolong their stay a little longer and thoroughly know a city full of treasures, culture and also has some fantastic beaches in its surroundings. The Xàtiva - Valencia route is a good example of what we are talking about. This tour that ends in the city of Valencia allows you to enjoy this capital with tranquility.

Combine two ways of traveling

Although we love cycling routes and we think they are, without a doubt, the best way to travel, we know that traditional tourism also has its charm because it allows access to big cities, which are more complicated to know about a bicycle. You may even want to enjoy a fantastic all-inclusive hotel on the beachfront after the effort of the bike. Combining both ways of traveling is possible and will allow you to take the two visions of Valencia in one trip. This combination is ideal when you have many days for your holidays, although some of our routes are short, such as the Valencia route and the Albufera Natural Park, which can be done in just four days and three nights. If the stay is extended a couple of more nights, a week would be enough to discover both ways of traveling without needing too much time or a high budget for vacations. The Xàtiva-Valencia route is also short and allows this type of combination to be made, as well as two very characteristic places on the Mediterranean coast that are worth visiting. Depending on the time of year, this route also allows you to discover the authentic flavor of the oranges from the Valencian orchard, since part of the route runs through orange trees. An experience that will be an added plus, although in the Valencian garden there is always a seasonal product that you have to savor in any of the restaurants where there is a stop to get strength and continue pedaling.